Increase your reach and build your brand as a podcast guest

As a speaker, people want to hear you speak. 

In the fast-paced digital age, podcasts have surged in popularity, becoming a favoured medium for consuming information, entertainment, and education.

This rise can be attributed to the flexibility and convenience podcasts offer, allowing listeners to engage with content while multitasking—whether they’re commuting or relaxing.

In a world where bite-sized content reigns supreme, podcasts stand out by offering the opportunity to delve into topics in more digestible chunks. Listeners appreciate the ability to explore a wide range of subjects in a format that is both accessible and in-depth.

The Soft Skills For Leaders podcast with Lisa Evans is recognised on Goodpods’ list of Top 45 Communication Podcasts for 2024.

The show offers valuable insights into enhancing the human skills necessary for effective leadership today. With 108 episodes averaging 33 minutes each, it provides an excellent resource for leaders and aspiring leaders to develop their soft skills in manageable segments.

This recognition not only highlights the podcast’s impactful content but also underscores the significant role such platforms play in fostering continuous learning and development in a fast-paced world.

Why being a podcast guest is worth doing. 

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why you should consider being a guest on podcasts.

1. Global Reach: Podcasts transcend geographical boundaries, offering guests a platform to share their insights with a global audience. This exposure can open doors to international opportunities and connections.

2. Enhanced Visibility and Discoverability: Being a podcast guest boosts your online presence, making it easier for potential followers, clients, or collaborators to find you via search engines and platforms like Google, You Tube and ChatGPT.

3. Social Proof and Credibility: Appearing on well produced podcasts acts as a form of social proof, enhancing your reputation and establishing you as a credible authority in your field.

4. Networking Opportunities: Podcasts facilitate connections with other leaders and experts in the field, expanding your professional network and opening up potential collaboration opportunities. You will also access the networks of the hosts connections as they will work to promote you.

5. Positioning as an Expert: Sharing your knowledge on niche subjects positions you as an expert, helping to differentiate you from competitors and increase your influence in your industry.

6. Personal Brand Building: Podcast guest appearances allow you to showcase your personality, values, and unique insights, contributing to the development of a strong personal brand.

7. Content Creation and Repurposing: Your podcast episode can serve as valuable content that can be repurposed for social media, blogs, or newsletters, helping to keep your audience engaged across platforms and demonstrating your capability across different mediums.

8. Engagement with a Targeted Audience: Podcasts often have a dedicated listener base interested in specific topics, ensuring that your message reaches an audience likely to be receptive and interested in your expertise. Approach podcast hosts that have a listener base that is similar to your ideal client.

9. Learning and Growth: Engaging in discussions on a podcast can provide new perspectives and insights, contributing to your personal and professional growth.

10. Marketing and Promotion: Podcasts offer an effective platform for promoting your projects, products, or services to an engaged audience, helping to drive interest and sales.


Be a Guest on The Soft Skills for Leaders Podcast


🌍 Global Reach: Soft Skills for Leaders began in 2021 and is discoverable across 17 different podcast platforms. Lisa Evans has 14,400 followers on LinkedIn as well as additional followers on other social platforms. When you are a guest on a credible podcast with a dedicated listener base, your message and your expertise is amplified by the host. You can  reach listeners who are keen on enhancing their leadership skills, thus positioning you in front of an audience that values expertise and personal and professional development in this area.

🏆 Authority and Influence in Leadership: By appearing on a podcast that focuses on soft skills, crucial for modern leadership, you’re positioned as an authority figure within this niche. My platform provides the perfect backdrop to share your expertise, stories, and insights, further establishing your credibility as a leader who prioritises emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

🎙️ Personal Brand Enhancement: Sharing your story and insights on the Soft Skills for Leaders allows you to showcase your personal brand’s uniqueness. Lisa’s engaging interview style ensures that your expertise and personality shine, offering a deeper connection with the audience and enhancing both your personal and professional brand.

📈 Engagement with a Niche Audience: The podcast’s focused theme ensures that your message reaches a highly targeted audience passionate about developing their leadership skills. This alignment means that your insights are more likely to resonate, engage, and inspire action among listeners who are specifically interested in improving their soft skills for better leadership.

🔄 Lasting Impact: Episodes of The Soft Skills for Leaders  serve as evergreen content that listeners can return to time and again. Your participation not only places you within an esteemed group of leadership experts but also provides a lasting resource for listeners looking to develop their soft skills, ensuring your impact extends well beyond the initial broadcast.

Being a guest on The Soft Skills for Leaders with Lisa Evans is not just an opportunity to share your expertise; it’s a strategic decision to align yourself with a respected voice in leadership development, engage with a passionate audience, and further cement your status as a thought leader in the field of soft skills and leadership. 

Have a listen to an episiode and let me know what you think. If you would like to be considered as a guest on the podcast, then I’d love to hear from you.


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