Having world class public speaking skills is a must.

In today’s competitive world, public speaking skills are highly regarded. It’s no longer a “nice to have”. If you want to connect, engage and influence, you have to be the best speaker you can be. Whether it’s one to few or one to many, if you want to make a difference as an effective leader then having world-class public speaking and presentation skills is a must.

What is the cost of undertaking a course in Public Speaking?

My one day Public Speaking and Storytelling for Leaders course is around $500. That’s the financial investment.  The return on your investment is priceless. I guarantee you will leave the workshop a better speaker that you arrived, with an array of tools and tips.
Learning to improve your public speaking skills will boost your confidence, give you an edge and help you win more business.
Being a subject matter expert or being at the top of the organization does not necessarily mean you are an engaging and influential presenter. There are too many ordinary presenters out there and plenty more poor presenters.
As a speaker coach, I often meet people who have missed out on promotions and opportunities due to their lack of engaging presentation skills.
“When was the last time you sat through a boring, uninspiring, speech or presentation that left you wondering “what’s the point?”.
For me, I have sat through two presentations recently that left me with nothing other than a sense of relief that they were over. It really isn’t OK to be mediocre when people are time poor and information rich.
There is so much more to presenting than imparting information. Are you able to hold the attention of the audience? Do they hang off your words wanting more? Do they remember your message?
If the answer is yes, congratulations! Now try to take those public speaking skills to the next level by incorporating business storytelling? Like many skills, speakers continue to grow and develop as there is always room for improvement. Public speaking is an art and a science.

If you know that your public speaking skills are letting you down, then do something about it.

In my one day course, I will show you how to take your skills to the next level. The course is ideal if you are required to do presentations in your job or you are wanting to step up and present to larger groups.
Perhaps an international conference is looming or you purely want to be able to communicate successfully with senior management, customers, and colleagues.
Improving your public speaking skills also helps on a more personal level. Being able to network effectively is an important tool in business and then there is the dreaded interview or appraisal. The structure of putting together a presentation from scratch can also be applied to impromptu style speaking such as interviews.
All my public workshops include a follow up one to one session with me. I have been to too many training courses where I come home overloaded with information and a fat manual that goes on the shelf with the others and that’s it!!
My training will provide you with actionable tools that you can apply instantly. In a follow up one on one session, we can then work on your specific needs. This may be role-playing for an upcoming interview where we focus on executive presence, body language and clarity and conciseness in answering questions or working on your specific presentation or slide deck for an upcoming conference.
So, to answer the question what is the cost of Public Speaking Training? For an investment of $499 you will get a one day Public Speaking and Storytelling workshop (you get to present with a recording and analysis of your speech), workbook and materials and lunch as well as a one on one coaching session with me.

My question to you.  Can you afford not to improve your Public Speaking skills


As a storytelling expert, known as The Story Midwife, I help leaders to create compelling presentations through business storytelling.

Before becoming a Professional Speaker, I worked for over twenty years as a midwife.

I now live and breathe stories as a speaker, trainer, performer and coach.

As a World Class Speaking & Storytelling Coach, I’ll help you mine, refine and deliver a captivating story for your business or brand. Whether it is the boardroom, podium or stage; I can show you how to develop a persuasive presentation with a compelling story that will be hard to forget by anyone who gets to experience it.

If you would like to find out about training for your team, I’d love to hear from you.  Contact me lisa@speakingsavvy.com.au or call +61 (0)438 902042.