Book: Tales of Courage


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Twelve true stories shared by inspirational Australian women

From our hearts to yours. This is the second in the Stories From The Heart book series.

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Book: Stories From The Heart: Tales of Courage

Tales of Courage | Book | Storytelling

A co-authored collection of true, personal stories that will move and inspire you.

Put your feet up and grab a cuppa. You are about to be taken on a journey, into the lives of twelve people. These stories are told with such courage. Each teller shares the tale of a time in their lives where they needed to make a tough choice in order to move forward.

Some Amazon reviews:

“There are some extraordinary stories written by ‘everyday’ people which take you on a roller-coaster ride through different emotions. It’s wonderful to get a glimpse into the lives of these amazing people with each one being so very diverse. They are easy to read and relate to. A great read.” –Bulawayo

“‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ is what came to mind when I reflected on what I had just read. My own problems that were weighing me down seems to have lightened and I am feeling both grateful to these women for sharing their stories and thankful that I know I can deal with anything that comes my way.
These true stories may have a common theme of hardship, trauma and death, but they also show the other side of life that is hope, courage and achievement. Reading the book will make you look with new eyes at the mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, and people around you, and make you wonder how much there is that you don’t know about these seemingly normal people. What may have happened, or be happening in their lives?
These stories are written by women but are not meant to be read only by women. There is something in this book for everyone. If you have faced a similar situation in the past, or are currently looking to find the courage to do something you fear, you will find inspiration in this book. And if you are lucky enough to have lived a very sheltered life then the stories of these courageous women will make you feel privileged and thankful for what you do have.” –Almarie

“Resilience, tenacity, determination and honesty. All the tales I read had these traits which enabled the authors to deal with their struggles and not only get on with their lives but thrive. All the authors have a different tale to tell, from Nicky’s many hats to Mavis on her round Australia adventure and Melanie’s “bodaciousness” in the South American jungle. Any one of the tales have something we can relate to and I feel sure you will be inspired, entertained and admire the courage shown by all the storytellers.” -Louise Kelly, Writer and Educator

Loved reading these stories that made me think and in some ways, get my big girl pants on and get on with a few things I have been procrastinating over. We each learn and get inspired from stories, it’s the way we relate to each other, and for me, these stories in this book are great reminders that we can we do more than we realise. A nice reminder to get brave, get on with it, and get some interesting stories to share. We all have tales inside us that can help us connect to each other, thanks Lisa for bringing these stories to our attention and cultivating inspiration.” –Ms Kathryn Snell