Communicate with Influence for Women Leaders


Communicate with Influence for Women

45 SGT Perth

In today’s world, the ability to clearly and confidently get a memorable message across will accelerate your career, and get you known as an expert in your industry.


Early Bird Price $299 + GST ends 15 May full price $399 + GST

Includes a signed copy of The Art of Speaking and Storytelling and refreshments.

The ability to speak with impact separates the leaders from the followers.

Learn to speak with poise, presence and persuasion.

I get what it takes to be able to step up and share a compelling presentation. I also know how it feels to be uncomfortable and nervous when speaking in front of peers, as that is where I started.

I believe that you cannot step into your true potential if you are avoiding speaking in public.

As a Professional Speaker Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, I help leaders globally to communicate with influence.

Since I have launched this new program, over 100 women have come along to this interactive workshop.

You will:

Discover how to harness your fear and step into your confidence.

Learn how you can prepare for an effortless presentation with my visualisation and story boarding techniques.

Discover techniques to enhance your vocal power and speak with the right tonality.

Find out how to ace a panel discussion and handle Q and A with ease.

Create your elevator pitch and practice delivering this to the group.





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Step up and speak out with confidence to boost your career and personal brand.

Interactive Masterclass with Lisa Evans, one of Australia’s Leading Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Coaches.

Get seen, heard and noticed for all the right reasons. Learn to speak with influence and exude presence and charisma to take your communication skills to the next level.

Lisa Evans, MBA is a certified world-class speaker coach, author, international speaker, storyteller, TEDx speaker coach and, accredited member of Professional Speakers Australia.