Communicate with Influence – Perth Public Speaking Training 2024


Perth Public Speaking Training

Communicate with Influence 

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Perth Public Speaking Training. Multiple Dates. Perth CBD Venue.

Workshop Dates Perth CBD

  • Wednesday 19 June 2024
  • Wednesday 24 July 2024
  • Wednesday 21 August 2024
  • Wednesday 18 September 2024
  • Wednesday 9 October 2024
  • Wednesday 13 November 2024
  • Wednesday 11 December 2024

Elevate your leadership presence, boost your profile, and amplify your personal brand with the power of confident, public speaking. When you have high-level public speaking, presentation skills, and business storytelling ability, you become a persuasive leader capable of making an immediate impact and leading transformative change.

Experience the Transformation:
✅ Command the stage with unwavering confidence.
✅ Convey your message with clarity that resonates.
✅ Establish credibility as a trusted authority in your industry.
✅ Ignite change and drive forward your vision for a better future.
✅ Small group workshop for maximum engagement.
✅ Learn best practice slide design and banish data dumps.
✅ Deliver a prepared presentation to the group.
✅ Get real-time feedback from an expert coach.
✅ Take home a video recording of your presentation.
✅ Leave with a plan of action ready to implement.
✅ Take home templates for crafting speech from scratch.

🌱 For every person who attends any of my workshops, a tree is planted. In partnership with Carbon Neutral, over 1500  trees have been planted. Together we can help the planet. 🌎

Unleash your leadership potential today and harness the transformative power of powerful public speaking. Elevate your profile, inspire others, and make an indelible mark as a visionary leader—Perth Public Speaking Training with Lisa Evans. Want to find out more?

I am grateful for the transformative coaching experience I had with Lisa. From being a reluctant speaker, she empowered me to embrace speaking with confidence. Her guidance and expertise enabled me to unlock my potential as a leader and become an impactful speaker.

Francis Senior Leader Oil & Gas Industry


Perth Public Speaking Training

Are you ready to captivate and inspire others with your words? Imagine the difference you can make when you can confidently and clearly express your ideas in a compelling and authentic way.

Workshop Dates Perth CBD

  • Wednesday 19 June 2024
  • Wednesday 24 July 2024
  • Wednesday 21 August 2024
  • Wednesday 18 September 2024
  • Wednesday 9 October 2024
  • Wednesday 13 November 2024
  • Wednesday 11 December 2024

Transform your ability to captivate an audience with a compelling message that inspires action. Discover the secrets to high-level presentation skills and master the art of business storytelling.

Perth Public Speaking Training 2022

Elevate Your Leadership Impact

Harness the power of high-level public speaking, masterful presentation skills, and captivating business storytelling. Armed with these essential tools, you'll possess the ability to persuade, leaving a positive and lasting impact on your audience.

Enrol now and become the influential leader you were destined to be. Your voice, backed by our expert guidance, will shape the future and set you apart from the crowd.

When you can speak in public with confidence, clarity and credibility, your leadership presence, profile and personal brand will accelerate. With high-level public speaking, presentation skills, and business storytelling ability, you can persuade with power, make an immediate impact, and lead the change you want to see.

Lisa Evans, one of Australia's top Public Speaking Coaches, facilitates this Perth public speaking training course.

During the workshop, you will give a short presentation to the group, and I will offer helpful and targeted feedback on the spot. You will take away a recording of your talk and a plan of action for improvement.

Ready to improve your public speaking?

Here are some of the takeaways from the Perth public speaking training:

  • Understand how to craft a presentation using a ROCK template.
  • Develop rock-solid confidence and the right energy to connect and influence.
  • Enhance your message with nonverbal communication and executive presence.
  • Discover ways you can be unfazed when speaking off the cuff and under pressure
  • Find out the secrets of business storytelling to take your communication skills to a whole new level
  • Develop delivery techniques that allow you to connect and influence, including mastering your body language.

What Others Say

I wasn’t sure what to expect from our time together, but I can only say that it was genuinely so very helpful. Not only did you help me craft my speech you were able to help with content relevant to the event. Thank you for reviewing the final draft which I will then practice, practice, practice!

Jeromine - CEO Leader in Diversity 

Lisa, not sure how you have done this, but I have turned a corner with public speaking. I’m no longer strangled by panic, and I now have a clear message. Thank you so much. You are a true master of this craft.’

Brian – Mining Executive, Perth

I attended Lisa’s public speaking course in 2022, and it was extremely fun and engaging. Lisa shared some very practical tips and advice on how to develop skills for speaking with persuasive confidence. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to develop their public speaking skills.

Neil Armstrong Regional VP Sales  Management Controls

Working with Lisa Evans was so insightful. She provided me with practical tools to enhance my message, and I gained new insights and confidence. She offered great techniques to help me prepare my mindset and attitude. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to further develop their speaking skills.

Fadzi Whande Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

About Lisa Evans 

Lisa Evans, MBA, is an experienced and accredited professional in the field of communication and leadership. As the CEO of Speaking Savvy and the Soft Skills Academy, she brings a wealth of expertise to her clients. With certifications as a Certified Professional Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, Business Storytelling Consultant, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and Accredited Business Coach, (ICF ACC) Lisa's credentials will help you transform your communication. She is also a TEDx Speaker Coach, NLP Coach, author, and curator of Stories From The Heart©. In addition, Lisa hosts the Soft Skills for Leaders Podcast and is a radio show host on 89 7FM. Her extensive knowledge and experience make her a go-to resource for individuals and organisations seeking to enhance their communication and leadership skills