Public Speaking Book – The Art of Speaking and Storytelling


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Speaking Savvy Public Speaking Book: The Art of Speaking and Storytelling

Learn public speaking with one of Australia’s leading speaker coaches in this public speaking book.

Speaking Savvy is shipped with free postage anywhere in Australia.

Do you have something to say but you are not sure how to say it? Most importantly, are you looking for a way to create a memorable experience for your audience?

Do you need the secret to create and share stories that move people? If so, then

Speaking Savvy – The Art of Speaking and Storytelling will help you do just that.

This public speaking book is full of tools and tricks on how you can be a far more effective storyteller and speaker. The book has plenty of tools to help you to find your authentic voice.

Topics include:

  • Turning fear into fierce.
  • Creating a speech from scratch using a simple ABC method.
  • Using your voice as a tool of influence.
  • Enhancing your communication with effective non-verbal cues.
  • Unlocking your stories to stand out as a speaker.

If you are a little shy or don’t know where to start – have no fear because that is where I was!

This book is partly the story of my journey in leaving my long career as a midwife and a transformational public speaking journey in becoming “The Story Midwife”.