Public Speaking Confidence Deep Relaxation Track


Become more confident at speaking in public by listening to guided deep relaxation.

****You must use a desktop/laptop to be able to DOWNLOAD the MP3****

This is a 15-minute audio track that may help you to relax and become more confident.

The track begins with progressive muscle relaxation to help you become comfortable, and then I will take you on a journey of guides imagery with powerful suggestions that can enter your subconscious mind.

There is soft meditative music playing in the background with a softly spoken female EnglishAustralian accent.

For best results listen as often as possible.

Never listen to this track or any other similar deep relaxation track when you are driving.

The track contains powerful suggestions for your unconscious mind.

Please listen when you can be in a comfortable position where you won’t be interrupted. The length of the track is 15 minutes. Aim to listen daily for 30 days.



Public Speaking Confidence Deep Relaxation Track

This exercise is a gentle relaxation audio track to help with becoming more confident when speaking in public.

You will need a quiet spot and 15 minutes to be able to site comfortably and listen to this audio. The spoken message includes deep breathing, guided visual imagery and spoken suggestions to assist with public speaking confidence.

  • The audio is spoken by Lisa Evans - Public Speaking Coach & NLP Practitioner
  • Background music is a 432Hz tuned Meditative harmony by Almusic34 licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International License.

You will need to download this public speaking confidence MP3 directly to your device

**This audio download is for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of a consultation, or the advice of a doctor or other  therapist.

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