Public Speaking for Women – 9 February 2021


Public Speaking for Women

$399 + GST

Perth public speaking training for women: learn public speaking, create compelling speech, master your body language, enhance your message with nonverbal communication, communicate authentically, confident speaking for women.

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Perth Public Speaking Training for Women

Improve your Public Speaking

Do you sometimes feel nervous about speaking up in front of your peers or senior leaders?

Do you sometimes feel like you haven’t put your best self forward due to feeling nervous about public speaking?

Do you ever get a quiver in your voice, raspy, or out-of-breath sounds, or is your voice softer or higher pitched than you’d like?

For more than 10 years I have been empowering people to step up and speak with confidence. I have worked with over 1000 leaders across all industries, and have trained over 100 teams to present with impact.

Female speakers have specific needs, and this is why I offer a very limited number of places in this Perth Public Speaking Training for Women. You will learn in a safe, and supportive space with other female leaders.

This course includes crafting a message, effective body language and use of and care of your voice and breathing so that you sound confident and can speak with power and authenticity.

Tuesday 9 February 2021 

9.30am – 1pm  

Ibis Styles East Perth

69 Adelaide Terrace

Highly Interactive small group workshop

By the end of the workshop, you will,

  • Discover how to breathe correctly to unlock your true vocal essence.
  • Enhance your message with nonverbal communication and effective body language.
  • Develop techniques to overcome nervousness or fear of public speaking.
  • Discover delivery techniques that allow you to connect and influence with charisma and credibility.
  • Craft a short pitch message plus have the opportunity to speak in front of the group.

You can find out about my upcoming live online and in-person workshops here 

If you would like to get in touch to find out which is the best course for you then give me a call on 0438 902042 or drop me a line lisa@speakingsavvy.com.au

About Lisa Evans Public Speaking and Storytelling Expert

Lisa Evans, MBA is the CEO of Speaking Savvy and the Founder/Director of the Soft Skills Academy. She is one of less than 150 Certified Speaking Professionals in Australia. She is a Certified Public Speaking and Storytelling Coach, Accredited Business Coach (ICF), 4 x Author, TEDx Speaker Coach, NLP Coach, Graphic Recorder, Host and Curator of Stories From The Heart, Improvisation Actor at Perth Playback Theatre, and Radio Show host at 89.7 FM Perth.


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