Public Speaking for Women Program

Public Speaking for Women Coaching Program Perth

My name is Lisa Evans and I am a certified Public Speaking and Storytelling Coach, Professional Speaker and Podcast Host based in Perth, Western Australia

Ready to get started on your public speaking journey? Find out how my public speaking for women program will help you.

How it works

We begin with a complimentary discovery session to find out if we are a fit.

During this session, we can chat about your goals, and how I may best help you and your team (if you are interested in hosting this program on-site for your organisation).

The public speaking for women program includes (but is not limited to);

  • Monthly 1:1 Public Speaking Coaching Sessions with Lisa Evans Director Speaking Savvy.
  • Unlimited phone/online support in between sessions with accountability check-ins.
  • Public Speaking for Women Small Group Coaching sessions (fortnightly).
  • Attendance at any of Speaking Savvy’s Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Workshops**
  • BONUS five best-selling books on Public Speaking and Storytelling
  • BONUS access to 50 + PDF Book Summaries
  • Huge amount of templates and resources.

Let’s hop on a call to chat about the next steps in your journey and how Speaking Savvy’ public speaking for women program can help accelerate your success.

You can book a time here for a Zoom catch up or you can give me a call 0438 902042.

I look forward to helping you be the best speaker you can be.



Public Speaking for Women - Coaching Program

Would you like to be able to step up and speak with confidence in front of an audience of any size? Maybe you aspire to get paid to speak? Whether you want to be a confident public speaker to build your business or you need to speak up at work, then read on.

Women who are confident at public speaking are in high demand. When you can share a message with impact, you will be able to connect, convince and create positive change.

Those who have completed the public speaking for women program have had amazing results including: selection to speak at a major international conference, presented a TEDx talk, won a promotion, appeared on stage, TV and radio. Whatever your goals are, let's chat to see how I can help you.

Being able to confidently lead a meeting, speak at a conference, moderate a panel, or clearly articulate your ideas to your manager is a necessary skill for career development.

Public Speaking for Women can be Delivered Online or F2F in Perth

Harness the power of your voice and elevate your public speaking skills to the next level to make a lasting impact.

Working with an experienced and certified public speaking coach (yes, I'd love you to pick me!) will allow you to short cut to reach your goals. I can save you time, money and stress as I was once where you are right now.

I can help you craft, refine, and deliver a stand out presentation, story, pitch, award acceptance message or even a TEDx talk.

Public Speaking for Women is ideal if:

  • Want to build your confidence and boost your personal brand
  • You have been asked to speak at an event and you need help to refine and deliver your message effectively
  • You are in a leadership position and need to own your space, exude executive presence and get your message across with credibility
  • You are launching a business, podcast or you want to get in front of the media to share an important message
  • You experience a degree of nervousness or fear that is holding you back from reaching your true potential
  • You are interested in sharing your story and want to craft an unforgettable Signature Story
  • You want to work on your unique voice so that you can sound as smart as you are and have a voice that reflects your true authenticity

Whether you are wanting to step up to speak for the first time, or you are ready to get paid as a guest speaker, I can help you.

Each 1:1 session is customised. This is not an online course or an off the shelf product. I genuinely care about the result s you will get when we work together.

Why choose Lisa Evans as your Public Speaking Coach?

My name is Lisa Evans, and I am a public speaking coach and I help people to put their best foot forward each time they get up to speak in front of others.

As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach with over 20 years of experience in teaching and coaching others, I have helped many stage-phobic professionals just like you advance their careers. My face to face public speaking training courses are Perth CBD based.

Here are some recent testimonials.

So, why me?

  • Public speaking is a journey: I regularly invest in my own professional development to continue to stay relevant and able to offer the best service to my clients.
  • After two decades of working as a midwife, I know a thing or two about professionalism and empathy. I have been teaching and coaching for over 30 years.
  • I have gone through the exact same fears as many of my clients at the start of my career change. Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is scary, but I am living proof that it pays off.
  • Mine is not a one-size-fits-all approach: we can work together via small group coaching sessions or through a 1:1 program, in person if you’re based in Perth Australia or online anywhere in the world
  • Working with me is confidential. You may share information with me such as business development or highly guarded pitches, and this will never be shared by me.

You can find out more about exactly what a public speaking coach does and why you may want to work with one  here

The new intake of women for the program is open now.

Are you ready to improve your public speaking, confidence, clarity and credibility? if so, then I am ready to be your speaker coach.