My Story – Storytelling Cards

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$30 + GST  

Storytelling Cards

Perfect for uncovering stories from your life to share with others

The questions serve as a gentle guide to help you come up with storylines.

You have so many stories to tell. These storytelling cards will help you choose stories from your life to share. You can use the cards with friends and family or by yourself.


$30 + GST for a box of storytelling cards includes postage

Over 200 sets of My Story cards have been used by coaches, teachers, consultants and individuals.

These cards will help you with storytelling

★ Conversation starters

★ Mining your life for stories to share

★ Creative writing prompts

★ Storytelling activities

★ Memory joggers for storytelling

“These storytelling cards are perfect for getting my mum to share more of her stories from her life.”  Jody Blunt.

“What a fun way to trigger of many of my stories that I forgot I had! and this led my partner coming up with even more stories”. Rachael B.

“The storytelling cards are a fantastic addition to my facilitator toolkit. I use them as an activity for listening with empathy and building relationships”.  Denise Neville Leadership Coach. 

“We used these storytelling cards at a meeting as an ice-breaker and it was fabulous!” Jade Beaumont.

2 reviews for My Story – Storytelling Cards

  1. Linda Eaton

    So much fun using these cards to prompt stories that I thought I’d forgotten.

  2. Gill Newman

    These are cute and handbag size! Great to take for an evening of fun with friends. Heaps of stories to evolve from these cards.

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