Book: Tales of Inspiration



Book: Stories From The Heart: Tales of Inspiration

A co-authored collection of true, personal stories that will move and inspire you.

$27 includes postage anywhere in Australia.

Put your feet up and grab a cuppa. You are about to be taken on a journey, into the lives of sixteen people. People who lead ordinary lives, but who have stepped up in front of a live audience and shared their story. The stories have been edited to make a wonderful collection of short stories. All stories were originally told live on stage at Stories From The Heart – live storytelling in Perth.


Included is the story of my journey in leaving my long career as a midwife and a transformational public speaking journey in becoming “The Story Midwife”

Co- Authors

Lisa Evans

Leesa Hart

Rebecca Hannan

Troy Hendrickson

Marlene Ward

Jay Crisp Crow

Nichola Renton

Vida Carlino

Kristy Ambrose

Angie Paskevicius

Lynette Delane

Amanda Lambros

Louise Kelly

Michele Alexander

Michelle Sandford

Fiona Jeanne