How to find a Public Speaking Coach who is right for you

When you are ready to take action and step up as a public speaker, the next logical step to consider is how you’ll get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Maybe you think it’s time to find a public speaking coach and you want to find the right person who can help you?

One of the ways to fast track to becoming a sought-after speaker is to find a public speaking coach to work with you. 

If you aspire to get paid to speak or even make a career out of being a professional speaker, then I suggest you find a speaker coach who is also a successful business owner. 

The benefits of becoming a powerful public speaker are incredible. With compelling speaking skills, you will become known as an expert in your field, you will get access to unlimited opportunities and you will connect with people on a deep and emotional level. Leaving a legacy and making a difference are two main reasons why people want to work with me.

The hardest part about getting started is getting started! There are plenty of coaches to choose from. If you do a simple Google search with the terms Public Speaking Coach, there will be thousands to choose from. Then there are books, DVD’s, online lessons, a volunteer club or association, or a course or a workshop.

Where to start?

When I wanted to learn to play golf  I left my first group golf lesson feeling like a massive failure.  I hacked up the grass time and time again. I left coated in mud and with a bruised ego. It was not exactly the start I had in mind.

I admired the skill of the teacher and the other learners who seemed to just “get it”, but it was clear to me that if I was serious about getting better at golf then group lessons were not the best fit for me.

For a start I’m left-handed and when I began coaching with a left-handed coach  I was able to progress under his guidance. I was not able to get what I needed from a group lesson and a right-handed coach.

People learn differently, and for me, on-on-one training was the most effective way for me to improve.

Public speaking is a learned skill just like any other.

I started my journey into public speaking by joining a volunteer-led group called Toastmasters. It’s an international volunteer organisation. I joined with a friend and soon became comfortable in front of a supportive group.

It was a steady process and as long as I turned up regularly and participated, I got to learn some new tips each time. Watching plenty of videos featuring great speakers is one of the many things I continue to do

At the time I was on a transformational journey and the beginning of a new career. I felt a strong calling to become a professional speaker. I knew that I wanted to get better at public speaking and that the volunteer organisation was not able to provide the expert help that I craved.

So I sought out mentors worldwide, joined mastermind groups, as well as working one on one with highly experienced speaker coaches. I invested in getting the right help at the right time. 

I have spent 000’s on my own public speaking and professional development over the years. My clients don’t have to, as I have the tools, strategies and techniques to help people take their public speaking skills to new heights with one on one public speaking coaching sessions.

How can working one on one with a public speaking coach benefit you?

If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, then having top-notch public speaking skills is a must.

With one on one public speaking coaching, you have a tailored approach to your learning that is outcomes-based. As a result, your confidence will increase and you will develop a new level of executive presence and presentation skills. A level that will get you ahead.

When you work with a public speaking coach you will be able to hone in on your message, refine your speeches and learn enhanced delivery techniques to authentically inspire and persuade your audience.

As a result of improved public speaking skills,  you will become a go-to person and likely to be booked as a guest speaker.

A public speaking coach might not be for you

If you want validation instead of targeted feedback, then a public speaking coach is probably not for you. If your speech screams “it’s all about me”,  then I will be upfront with you, as we may not be the right fit.

There is no point in investing your money in coaching if you want to be told how great you are; your best friends can do that.

To be able to get the most out of coaching you need to be a sponge. Be receptive to professional feedback and be willing to consider new ways. Learn to ask for specific feedback every time you speak, and aim to improve one thing each time.

If you are not willing to invest in your personal development then a public speaking coach is not for you. You can attend a low-cost group training on speaking skills, or read a few books for a fraction of the cost you will pay for a highly experienced public speaking coach. If you don’t see the value in one on one coaching then I can recommend some books that you may like, here are 10 Public Speaking books that I recommend to get you started.

Public speaking coaching is not for you if you are not willing to put in the practice. Like any practical skill, you have to put into action the skills you will learn. In between sessions, there is homework for you to do.

What can a public speaking coach help you achieve?

A one on one tailored public speaking coaching package will allow you to work on taking your speaking skills to the next level. A good coach will start off by assessing where your skills are at and then working with you to reach your goals. Here are just some of the areas of public speaking that you may work on with a coach:

  • Creating a powerful speech from the concept to the delivery.
  • Fine-tuning your already prepared speech.
  • Help you to add powerful stories to your speech to make it memorable.
  • Enhance your voice so that you come across as genuine and authentic and your message is aligned.
  • Manage any nervousness you may feel and turn it into powerful energy.
  • Prepare a TED-style talk, pitch message signature story or product launch.

Why me?

What can I offer?

I am one of less than 150 Certified Speaking Professionals in Australia. I am a Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, NLP Practitioner, Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and a coach accredited by the ICF. As well as experience in speaking, delivery and stagecraft, I run my own successful speaking practice, so I understand the business side of speaking which is a must if you would like to become a professional speaker. 

  • A tailored approach to your learning.
  • Access to world-class speaking and storytelling tools and resources, templates and proven frameworks.
  • A supportive environment where you can grow and learn with encouraging and targeted feedback.
  • The opportunity to speak at one of my events and help you to land a paid guest speaking spot.
  • A money-back guarantee (if after your first session you don’t feel I am the right coach for you).

If you want to fast track your public speaking skills with tailored 1:1 coaching then I suggest you seek a certified and experienced public speaking coach who has the relevant skills knowledge and style that you are looking for.

Public speaking cannot be learned from a book or online course, it is the experiential learning that is the most effective and an individual learning plan will get you the best return on investment.

As a storytelling expert, known as The Story Midwife, I help leaders to create compelling presentations through business storytelling.

Before becoming a Professional Speaker, I worked for over twenty years as a midwife.

I now live and breathe stories as a speaker, trainer, performer and coach.

As a World Class Speaking & Storytelling Coach, I’ll help you mine, refine and deliver a captivating story for your business or brand. Whether it is the boardroom, podium or stage; I can show you how to develop a persuasive presentation with a compelling story that will be hard to forget by anyone who gets to experience it.


About the author

Lisa Evans helps professionals to craft compelling business stories and become exceptional speakers. Lisa is a certified speaker coach, TEDx speaker coach, four times author, NLP practitioner, graphic recorder and visual storyteller, and improvisational actor. 

She has coached thousands of leaders across a range of industries, including resources, banking, finance, engineering, retail and sales as well as not-for-profit and community associations. 

If you wish to take advantage of a complimentary session in order to chat about how you can become an exceptional and successful speaker with a stand-out brand, then use this link to book a time to chat.

Here’s how I may help you

My services include:

Business Storytelling Coaching – together we can get started to create your suite of stories.

Executive Speaker Coaching – if you have an upcoming guest speaking opportunity, funding pitch, conference talk or you want to be an outstanding speaker, we can work together on your technique. You will see the results after one session.

Tailored Workshops – I can come to you, or we can host a workshop offsite for your team. From half-day to two-days immersive, this customised workshop is an ideal way to kick start your business storytelling strategy and get the whole team telling stories.

Keynote/Guest Speaking either in person or via virtual means at your next conference or event.