Transform Your Public Speaking 

Do you get nervous about public speaking? I get it. That’s where I began my journey.

As a qualified and experienced corporate speaking training expert, I can show you how to take your business public speaking skills to the next level.

I offer a range of public speaking courses and training. All of my public speaking and communication skills programs are available as virtual training. 

Why public speaking with me, Lisa Evans?

I’ve helped many leaders transform their public speaking and business storytelling skills so they can move their audiences to action.

I can help you feel empowered to share your authentic voice and to step up, speak out and shine.

I would never have dreamed that I could become an international speaker and one of Australia’s leading public speaking and business storytelling coaches. 

My journey led me to embrace the philosophy of getting comfortable being uncomfortable and saying yes to every opportunity to speak.

As your public speaking coach I will guide you to a place where you are confident with your talk and charismatic in your delivery. My aim is to help you feel so comfortable as you step up to speak that you will embrace the opportunity.

I am often referred to as The Story Midwife. As a former Registered Midwife for over 20 years my purpose these days is to help people bring stories into the world. 

Leaving my calling and finding my purpose


How did I go from being a midwife for over 20 years to being a professional keynote speaker, public speaking and business storytelling coach?

The two careers are worlds apart, and one day my life changed forever.

I’m from London, and I trained as a midwife. It was my dream career and my calling.

Unexpectedly, life sent me on a detour. A virus destroyed a significant amount of my hearing. I could no longer work as a midwife.

I struggled coming to terms with hearing loss. My confidence plummeted and I became afraid to speak up.

My fate changed when I was invited to take part in a research trial and I got a cochlear implant and learned to hear again in a very different way.

This was the beginning of my transformational journey to become a professional speaker.

I am a Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach,  a speaker coach for TEDx, author, NLP Practitioner, and Improvisation Actor.

I offer corporate speaking training in Perth and I travel throughout Australia. I help leaders discover how to harness the power of business storytelling to inspire, captivate and entertain their audiences.


Featured on the Authority Nation podcast

I sat down in Ubud, Bali with Kevin Etherington. We chatted a bit about my journey to becoming a professional speaker, and I shared tips for effective business storytelling. 


Public speaking with Lisa Evans – Let me help you become the speaker you want to be.

Whether you want to be credible in the boardroom, charismatic on the podium, nail your keynote, or deliver a TEDx talk, I will help you stand out from the crowd. All of my programs are available for online and virtual training. 

Find out how we can work together.

When we work together you will feel self-assured in your ability to speak with authenticity and presence, so that your audience will want to listen.

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