Productivity and Smart Ways of Working

In this episode of the Soft Skills For Leaders podcast, I chat with Amantha Imber about productivity and smart ways of working.

Amantha is an organisational psychologist and founder of behavioural science consultancy Inventium, who helps people reinvent how they approach their work.

Amantha is also the host of the podcast How I Work, which has had over 2.5 million downloads, where she interviews some of the world’s most successful people about their habits, strategies, and rituals. Her latest book is called Time Wise.


Productivity Hacks

Talking Points

  • How Amantha found herself fascinated by productivity.  
  • Experimenting with a Four-Day Work Week.
  • Flexibility around working from home.
  • Deliberately thinking about the tasks you do WFH/office.
  • Next Tuesday Rule when deciding to say yes or no.
  • Amantha’s interview process for the podcast How I Work.
  • Daily system of writing.
  • Deep vs shallow work.
  • Time blocking digital or physical.
  • Importance of self-care.


Deep Work by Cal Newport

Time Wise by Amantha Imber

How I work Podcast

Deep Listening Podcast with Oscar Trimboli  

The Third Space with Dr Adam Fraser 


Connect with Amantha Imber

Website: https://www.amantha.com/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanthaimber/


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