Do you need a Speaker One Sheet?

A Speaker One Sheet is a downloadable PDF that is designed to help event planners and conference organisers to find you. Your Speaker One Sheet is your ultimate piece of marketing collateral to help promote your brand and allow others to see what you have to offer at a glance.

If you want to get booked to be a keynote speaker, then you need to make it easier for the decision makers who have the unenviable task of deciding which speaker will fill the guest speaking slots.

As speakers, it is our goal to make life easier for event planners

Event planners have tight deadlines and work hard in putting together a successful conference. Don’t make it difficult for them by having your talk topics and other essential information buried deep on your website. If you do, you are likely to be overlooked. I have been told by event planners that they often print out all the shortlisted speakers’ One Sheets and lay them out on the table when making their selections.

Instead of being overlooked, get booked.

There is a lot more to professional speaking than having a Speaker One Sheet, but it is an essential piece in the puzzle. In an article I wrote recently I share four key areas that you will need to work on if you want to become a professional speaker. Now, let’s assume you have those things and you want to get some bookings.

What is a Speaker One Sheet?

A creatively designed downloadable PDF that includes at-a-glance, information to help event planners make their choice. It is not intended to include every detail, but enough for the selection committee or decision maker to place your sheet in the ‘maybe’ pile, and call or email to have a conversation with you.

The beauty of having the information in a PDF format is that you can include hyperlinks that will direct people to find out more, for example, links to websites, video of you speaking, and social media.

According to leading public speaking expert, Nick Morgan a speaker one sheet is a useful evaluation tool.

Despite the name the speaker one sheet is often more than one page!

Don’t be fooled by the name! Many speaker one-sheets are multiple pages. I have a Speaker One Sheet that is one page, as well as a double-sided version with more detail. Below is the front page.

Lisa-Evans-Speaker-One-SheetThe companion document to the speaker one sheet is the PR kit. This can sit alongside your Speaker One Sheet on the dedicated speaking page on your website, or uploaded as a document to your LinkedIn profile

The PR kit has more detail about your speaking topics, a link to your bio, and photos that can be used for marketing. You may even include your speaker introduction and preferences for AV equipment. The PR kit is often 4-6 pages and can also be called Speaker Pack, or Speaker Media Kit or Info Pack.



What does your speaker one sheet say about you?

There are eight elements that you should include on your speaker one sheet.

1.  A recent, high-quality headshot

You may use one photo on the sheet but at the very least, a good headshot will stand out in the top third of the page. If using multiple images you may like to include an action shot of you speaking on stage, or images of any books you have authored.

2.  Your contact information

Ensure your contact information is clear and easy to find and consider the use of hyperlinks to take people directly to your email or website.

3.  Your statement of expertise or tagline

In a nutshell, what is your area of expertise? Include a tagline or positioning statement in your Speaker One Sheet, that allows people to know right away what you offer.

4.  Clearly defined speaking topics

You may have several speaking topics and it is best not to overcrowd the sheet. Some speakers may choose to have a Speaker One Sheet for each of their topics. Or what I have done with mine is to provide a click here for more option to take the reader to the full description of the talk.

5. What value you will bring to the audience

Include a brief and compelling statement or simple list stated what value people will get out of attending your session.

6. Client Testimonials

Include samples of what others said about your talks. You can include comments, evaluations or quotes from others. You may include their title and company they work at.

7. Companies you have worked with/events spoken at

By adding the logos of the recent companies that you have spoken for, this will help you demonstrate that you are an experienced speaker and will help the event planner match your level of experience and price point with their client’s needs.

8. Links to social media

A great way to show more of what you offer to your potential clients is to link your social media accounts. Providing you have quality content on social media this will give people more of a feel for your brand. Ideally, as a speaker, people want to see a quality video (various lengths) of you speaking to an audience, so a link to your YouTube site is good to include.

There are so many one-sheets – google speaker one sheet, and you will have plenty to look at.


Layout your speaker one sheet so that it helps guide the person through it, and it doesn’t look too crowded. You can hire a designer, or if you have a flair for layout and time to create (I create mine with Canva) then do your own.

Here are some examples that include relevant information and compelling and eye-catching content and design.

Jane Anderson 

Jane Anderson

Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie Phipps

Lisa Manyon

Lisa Manyon

If you are new to speaking, create a simple one-page Speaker One Sheet. Regularly update your sheet to make sure it stays relevant and serves the purpose of helping you showcase at a glance what you offer.

About the author

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