Storytelling events – Guest blog post by Louise Kelly

The stories made us laugh together, feel pain, feel uplifted, and feel connected as humans at the Stories From The Heart (SFTH) live storytelling events.

First-time live storytelling goer Lisa Froome described it as,

“So personal and real. They really are stories from the heart”.

Storytelling with Purpose – Giving Back to the Community

The proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the Cancer Council of WA.
Lisa Evans, Director of Speaking Savvy and founder and MC of Stories From The Heart, celebrated story number 100 at this seventh highly successful storytelling event.

Storytelling Events Stories from the Heart Perth

Stories From The Heart Book

It was revealed that Stories From The Heart: Tales of Inspiration, will be launched on 25 March 2018. This is a multi-author compilation of short stories all previously told on stage at one of the storytelling events.

Lisa charmed us with her own special one day that changed everything – the day she first met and ‘won’ her husband in a sweepstake 26 years ago.

Storytelling Events – Each story is special and unique

In only six minutes each of the storytellers shared something very special with us for different reasons.

Dr Nicky Howe was first up and amazed us with her stories of tenaciously surviving the Army Reserve recruit training trials. Miss Determination was never going to give up, no matter what they threw at her.

We knew immediately when Jacqui Alder stepped up on stage and announced “Fanny’s – where the fun begins” that we were in for a good time and weren’t disappointed. Jacqui made us all feel warm and fuzzy as we laughed along with her on her nightclub adventures. “Love is where you find it and not always where you expect it to be”.

Geoff Miethe then shared his secret of outsmarting fear that he learnt from the mysterious ‘hairy man’.

Next up was tiny adventurer Mel Chatfield, who had us horrified with her hilarious action account, not only of literally crawling out of a remote long-drop toilet in Nepal but also what she had to do next. “Life doesn’t always go according to plan”. It was Mel’s first time at SFTH and when I congratulated her afterwards she said, “I wanted to pull out and so glad I didn’t”.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of her travel tales at later storytelling events.

It seems that the men have been reluctant to put themselves forward and open up and share a story.

Lisa made a call encouraging more men to step up and come forward to tell a story. Apparently, it makes them more attractive to women (according to the Daily Mail).

Someone who did not need for that, first-timer to SFTH Chris Smoje, encouraged us all to follow our passion and create something to be proud.
Triggered by his search for the missing word for a eulogy, he inspired us with the one day that changed everything for him.

Putting on your ‘big girl panties’

After the break Nichola Renton, from the fabulous interactive Perth Playback Theatre delved into the audience and gathered stories of self-nourishment for Mental Health Week. Arlene Quinn and the members, barefoot, and dressed only in black, then acted them out on the spot. Using crates and racks of long coloured fabric as props, it was highly entertaining. Highlights for me were the imaginative tribute to Days of our Lives and putting on your ‘big girl panties’ to tackle something challenging.

Next Fiona Jeanne shifted the mood with her powerful story of self-discovery to “becoming functionally selfish” and your own best friend.

Brave audience members share a Pop-Up story

There are Pop-Up stories shared by volunteers who put their name in the hat. These are unprepared stories. First pop-up was Tony Hagan’s unexpected day with a new and vomiting employee.

Another pop up was a last-minute guest, Ryan Wareing, who surprised everyone by bravely jumping up and describing his romantic proposal that simply did not go as planned. I’ll never look at Two Peoples Bay the same way again.

I found myself holding my breath the next minute as Lizz Clarke laid herself bare with her raw and compelling story of clinging to hope. It was very moving, and there were a few tears in the audience. I felt heartened to hear of the “freezer filling friends” who supported her through her tough times.

Veteran SFTH performer Michelle Sandford then finished off the night with a bang and left us laughing at the end when she told the story of the day she ‘Yes, and-ed, the s&*% out of that” and fell in love.

As always it was a great mix of surprises and unexpected moments that bonded us through shared emotions and feelings.

“First time – such a fun event” Di Roots

It is a truly unique experience, and incredible value for money and all profits go to a chosen charity.

Written by special Guest Blogger Louise Kelly, Principal, Louise Kelly Consulting;

Louise Kelly
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly is a professional development expert, passionate about co-operation, collaboration, and connection.
Louise has been presenting, facilitating, and coaching for the last 18 years and her degrees are in Psychology and Training & Development. She is an avid traveller and enjoyed 13 years working for the airlines. Her flying adventures include surviving a Mayday situation, a runaway horse around the pyramids in Giza, scuba diving in Kenya, flying over the icebergs in the Arctic, driving an open-topped sports car through the desert to Vegas, and partying at Sir Richard Branson’s.

To find out more about Louise you can connect with her on LinkedIn or louise@louisekellyconsulting.com.au

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