Stories From The Heart Captures The Essence Of The Human Spirit

What is storytelling to create change?

Real. Raw. Relatable. Every storyteller who steps up on stage at a Stories From The Heart event, does so with a genuine willingness to share and connect with the power of stories.

storytelling to create change

Photography by Gary Jackson

There is an incredible energy in the room as the stories are shared. Throughout the evening, there are collective laughs, tears, and sheer moments of admiration and respect for the courage and vulnerability of those willing to step up and share.

The experience is equally as rewarding for those who choose to come along to encourage and listen to others.

I prefer the term story-sharing rather than storytelling. It is a reciprocal process with the speaker and the listener both playing an important role – Lisa Evans

Some come along to watch in awe as friends are featured in the program. Others come to dip their toe into live storytelling with a view to having a go next time.

In the packed and hushed room, alongside the flickering virtual fireplace, each story sharer has only a few minutes to share their story, that’s not long! It is so much easier to waffle on and tell a longer story. Being concise and captivating and following a simple story pattern is the key to success.

Paul Vershuuren didn’t hesitate when I asked him to share a story.

Introducing Paul…

I first met Paul in early 2015 and I was impressed with his relaxed style and engaging presence. I’m delighted that Paul agreed to share one of his stories.

Paul is an engineer by trade. These days, his fascination is reverse engineering humans.

Here is the video of Paul’s story titled The Day I Was Handed A Mirror. This version includes the introduction to the event, Paul’s story starts around 6:10.


Photography Gary Jackson

About the event, Paul says,

“I think most of us wish to leave the world a better place. If my story somehow touched, moved and inspired even one person, then that is sufficient inspiration to push through all the nerves and jitters and to get up and share. Whilst we are all unique, we all experience the same emotions and stories are a wonderful way to relate to other person’s experiences and your own.  Sharing from the heart is a wonderful way to break down the walls that we consciously and unconsciously put up and replace them with compassion, empathy, and love. Something the world needs lots of right now. What’s your story?”

In reflecting on the experience of being in the audience for the other stories, Paul says,

“It is a rare privilege to watch complete strangers share openly and with total vulnerability, but as the name ‘Stories From The Heart’ implies, that is exactly what you get. Want to be touched, moved and inspired in a way that the device you are reading this on can never do, then attend the next #SFTHperth event.”

This sold-out event raised $1000 for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the beautiful Scarlet Room at the Northbridge Hotel was donated for the night. This is a great example of storytelling to create change. Professional sound and photography were captured by Gary Jackson and on video Ming Johanson (both donated their time and expertise).

Stories From The Heart – Storytelling to Create Change

Whether you are a story sharer or a story listener you will feel inspired, touched and empowered by the genuine willingness to share among the people who come together to celebrate the power of storytelling to create change.

We all have stories worth sharing. What’s your story? Get in touch to find out about story-sharing opportunities.

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Lisa Evans is a professional speaker and storyteller and a Perth based Public Speaking Coach passionate about storytelling to create change. When she is not inspiring others to step up on stage and share a story, she is coaching executives and leaders globally to be the best speakers they can be.