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Tales of Change

12 Short Stories by Multiple Authors

Have you ever found yourself navigating unexpected change? The type of change that leaves you questioning your purpose, uncertain of the future, lost and confused.

Perhaps, that change turned out to be transformational. When change turns from a daunting detour to a road of discovery, the results and opportunities are endless.

Tales of Change is the final book in the Stories From The Heart series.

The book features 12 short stories of change. Each tale is real, raw and relatable, and collectively these stories will challenge your thinking and allow you to reflect upon the changes you have experienced in your life.

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Meet the Authors

Lisa Evans e1569840060733

Lisa Evans

Cheryl Workman Davies e1569588432524

Cheryl Workman-Davies

GG Frantz e1569589327730

GG Frantz

Donna Edwards e1569589273315

Donna Edwards

Suhani Vaidya e1569589347341

Suhani Vaidya

Lainy D e1569588289678

Lainy D

Amy Milnes e1569588367737

Amy Milnes

Fiona Jeanne e1569589289582

Fiona Jeanne

Tim Blackburn e1569589315376

Tim Blackburn

Francisca Wilson e1569589359420

Francisca Wilson

Carolyn Verhoef e1569589246545

Carolyn Verhoef

Liz Green e1569589302658

Liz Green

What Others Say


You can’t put a price on a good story. One that makes you feel something. Gurgles your adrenaline. Makes your nose drip with sadness. Lifts your eyebrows with surprise. The stories in this book will spark ideas and stir up memories. You may feel like you were there. You may feel like they are you. Either way, you will find truth amidst these pages. They are our own stories of triumph and transformation and exist to remind us what it is to be alive

– Melanie Chatfield, Author & Editor


A fascinating insight into the lives of the authors and how they were inspired and had the courage to make or endure changes in their lives. Each author shares a story with many elements for a good read: pathos, happiness, grief, energy, humour, and self-awareness. You will want to stride along with the authors and witness their challenges and to travel with them through their tales to the end of their journeys and admire their undaunted spirit.

– Gill Newman, Artist

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