Is it time to share your inspiring story?

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Have you ever been told, ‘Your story is so inspiring – you should write a book’? Or that your message helps others see the world differently and empowers them to act?

Perhaps these moments planted a seed of possibility that your story is valuable and worth sharing?

I’ve worked with enough people to be certain this is true for everyone.

When you share your story, it has the power to help others and cement your position as a credible voice of authority. But it’s also an opportunity to create a wonderful legacy.

The tricky part is knowing how to get started and how to reach the right audience.

Writing and publishing your story in a book is a fantastic option, but it can be a costly, time-consuming and solitary task.

The good news is – it doesn’t have to be…

Imagine collaborating with a successful author whose global brand lets you access a proven platform to share your story to a worldwide audience?

Well, now you can

Grow your reach, influence and your reputation


Hi, I’m Lisa Evans – many people call me The Story Midwife because I have a talent for bringing stories into the world.

In addition to being a best-selling author, I’m also an award-winning international speaker; a certified public speaking and storytelling coach; a TedX speaker coach; and, an improvisation actor.

My popular book series, ‘Stories From The Heart’, has organically reached #1 on Amazon in five different categories to date. Each book showcases candid stories written by everyday people who want to reach a global audience or create a meaningful legacy.

I’m excited to announce that ‘Tales of Change’, the third book in the series, will be released later this year. And right now, you have an incredible opportunity to co-author it with me.

I’m currently accepting applications from business owners or career professionals who’d love to share their inspiring story in ‘Tales of Change’. All you need to do is get in touch for a chat to find out whether your story is a good fit for this book.

If you are selected, I have a simple, streamlined process for you to co-author this inspiring collection of stories:

  • You write your captivating story of change
  • My professional editing team adds the polish to make your words pop
  • I publish your story in Tales of Change

If you’re ready to add ‘author’ to your résumé or business bio and shine the spotlight on your story, this is your perfect opportunity.​

Become an author and stand out from the crowd

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Gaining a competitive edge is always a challenge, but adding ‘author’ to your list of achievements gives you a powerful point of difference.

Becoming an author:

  • Instantly adds credibility and a little pizzazz to your brand to help you stand out
  • Strengthens your position as a reliable subject matter expert
  • Provides you with an effective, inexpensive marketing tool that can help you win more clients

Enjoy the benefits of being an author, without the hassle

Writing and publishing your own book can put a strain on your time. Miss a step or get it wrong and you can spectacularly blow out your budget.

When you invest in becoming one of the Stories From The Heart co-authors, I take care of the risk so you can take advantage of your exciting opportunity.

If you’d like to know who your co-authors will be before you apply, just ask.

My rigorous selection process, combined with professional editing means you can be assured the book will be produced to a high quality.

Along with my team of experts, I manage all aspects of bringing the book together and getting it published. So, you’re free to concentrate on crafting your story and clarifying your message.

Your comprehensive package includes:

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Professional team of editors

Focus on perfecting your story and trust the editing team to take care of writing essentials like grammar or structure. Your finished story will be polished, professional and compelling while retaining your unique voice.

Published in paperback and Amazon e-book

Readers can choose between two different formats on Amazon – printed or electronic. Having two price points helps you reach a wider audience.

Distributed throughout Australia

Paperback copies of the book will be on sale in bookstores Australia wide, and available to read in libraries. This is another way your story can reach more readers.

10 free paperback books

Your first ten books will be delivered to you on launch. You can choose whether to sell them and generate income – or gift them to your clients.

Exclusive author price for additional copies

When you order extra copies of your book, you get a reduced price. You can sell them, bundle them with other products or services, or give them away as a low-cost marketing strategy.

Your personalised bio inside the book

Each chapter includes one story. At the end of your chapter, you’ll have a double-page with your photo, a bit about you and where people can go to learn more.

You’re on the book cover

Your name and photo will be displayed in colour on the glossy back cover of the paperback book alongside your co-authors.

High standards of production

The paperback version of your book is typeset and printed in Australia with a professional cover designed to meet international standards. You’ll be proud to share it.

And… marketing magic to make the most of your book

You’ll also receive guidance, tips and ideas for marketing the book to help you grow your audience or earn money from sales.

I offer each co-author:

A personalised marketing pack 
Prior to launch day, you will receive promotional material to help with your marketing. This includes a mock-up of the front cover featuring your photo to use in your social media marketing. 

Optional online writing group
If you need some help managing your writing time or staying accountable, you have the option to join an online writing group.  Plus – you can connect with and get to know your co-authors.

An invitation to speak at a Stories From The Heart event
You have the opportunity to step up on stage and share your story at a live Stories From The Heart event (held in Perth or Sydney, Australia).

This co-author opportunity is limited to 11 people

Access this amazing author package for


$1200 *
(payable in 3 easy instalments)


Get greater savings – purchase your value-packed author package up front for


$1000 *

(one payment)

* GST will apply if you’re in Australia

What others say about Lisa and Stories From The Heart:

Lisa Evans is a true champion. She has overcome adversity, struggles, and hardship but stayed in pursuit of her dreams. Lisa is an endearing storyteller with the heart of a teacher. If you want to help yourself overcome, to be a champion, start here!
Duane Martinz
Author of Becoming Your Own Champion, USA
Story sharers are brave. It's a gift for us to read such personal encounters, to be informed, inspired and entertained. In this age of online oversharing - we are becoming immune to people's stories, but here is a collection of tales you can connect with, by real people and no clicks required.
Sharron Attwood
Personal Brand Consultant, Australia
Lisa Evans is a classy lady who lives an inspiring life. She now not only tells her story to inspire others, but she also teaches other people how to tell their story in a powerful way.
Darren La Croix
Certified Speaking Professional, World Champion Speaker, USA

Are you ready to:

  • Empower your readers with your story of change?
  • Grow your authority by becoming an author?
  • Create and preserve an inspirational legacy?
  • Cement your place as a thought leader?
  • Develop an asset you can promote for months and years to come?

Don’t miss your chance to work with The Story Midwife to bring your story into the world.

How to get started

Still got some questions about how becoming an author can elevate your business or career?

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