Lisa helped me polish the script for my recent TEDx talk and it made a world of difference. She not only made suggestions on how to make it more relevant to a worldwide audience, (Once the video is posted the audience expands) but also made several suggestions to improve the flow. Most importantly she suggested I move something around to make my ending more uplifting and inspiring. To top it off she did this over a weekend and several time zones away. Lisa has a great personality and gives feedback not only in a clear way but also gives you the why behind the suggestion. The next time I have a major speech I’ll be reaching out to Lisa again.

Doug Thompson

AI Ambassador, Microsoft

The process of writing for Stories From The Heart (SFTH) Tales of Inspiration was straight forward. Lisa and the editing team made everything so streamlined and easy to follow.

I have given the SFTH book away at events as prizes and to clients in their “sign-on pack” along with a copy of my book. I have sold the SFTH book at events, and I donate the proceeds from the book to my chosen charity – Bravehearts…Being a published author has given me a tremendous amount of credibility in the transformational coaching work that I do…

I love the genuineness of the Stories From The Heart community; the live events are a pure delight to attend, the stories shared are so vastly different, in style of speaker and content. Each one is uniquely different. The contribution that these events have made to charity is commendable, Lisa’s generosity and creativity in bringing these events together make it all happen. I have also attended Lisa’s professional events, and the value contained within these events is way more than the price tag.

Thank you, Lisa, for all that you are and all that you give. You have created something truly inspirational with Stories from the Heart, gifting everyday souls the opportunity to have their voice heard in such a supportive environment.

Fiona Jeanne

Coach, Fly to Freedom with Self Love

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making the Heart Foundation the beneficiary of last night’s live storytelling event Stories From The Heart. What a night, so many amazing stories of courage, gratitude, love and resilience. Amazing! I felt very privileged to sit in the audience and to be part of your Perth storytelling tribe.

It is clear that you are very admired and have created amazing bonds with many in the audience, which is a testament to who you are as a person.

Sarah Fordham

CEO WA, Heart Foundation of Australia

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Evans as a coach for a few sessions. Lisa is brilliant at asking thought provoking questions, to really getting you on the path you need to follow. I would highly recommend Lisa Evans as a coach. 

Nancy Hourani


I recently attended Lisa Evans ‘ storytelling workshop in Perth. It was a very safe space to share my stories. The connection with each other was wonderful, and the afternoon of storytelling was so much fun. I loved learning about the structure of a good story and how to apply that to my stories. Lisa’s style of teaching is very relaxed which in turn made all of us relax into the afternoon.

Shauna Thomson

Life Coach, Shauna Thomson Life Coach

Lisa, Thank you for taking the time to be our guest speaker for our event. It was our hope that all attendees will improve their presentation skills as a result of seeing you in action. I’m certain that has already started happening. By the end of the day, everyone was commenting on your tips. If you are available in 2019, we would love to have you back to deliver another powerful presentation to our volunteers. For anyone who wants to equip their staff to be better presenters/speakers, I would highly recommend you reach out to Lisa Evans. She is an absolute professional speaker with a beautiful heart!

Chee Wong

Principal, e2 Young Engineers Perth

I had the privilege of attending Lisa Evans Public Speaking and Business Storytelling for Leaders workshop recently and was very impressed. It was a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone in a safe environment and learn useful tips and tricks for effective and impactful public speaking. I feel much more confident and excited to present to a range of people now. Thank you Lisa!

Louella Monaghan

Senior Health Promotion Officer, WA Country Health Service

I’d recently attended Lisa Evans’ Speaking Savvy Storytelling Workshop as part of the preparation for TEDxUWA 2018, where I was a speaker and Lisa was a coach. It was a great workshop and Lisa’s style and tools helped us learn techniques on how to tell better stories. I’d followed this up with a one-on-one session with Lisa to further work on my TED talk. I’d successfully delivered my talk over the weekend and I’d like to thank Lisa for her help and support in the lead up to the TEDx event. If you’ve got a story to tell, get in touch with Lisa Evans.

Conrad Pires

CEO, TEDx speaker, Picosat Systems

Lisa Evans has a wealth of knowledge to give and I’m sure would add value to any speaker regardless of their experience. She has certainly helped me to fine-tune my message and public speaking delivery to which I am very thankful for.

Cameron Norsworthy

Keynote & TEDx Speaker, Coach, Author & CEO, The Flow Centre Pty Ltd

Lisa Evans is an incredibly encouraging and experienced speaking coach. From speech writing and speech structure to messaging, voice, stage mapping, storytelling and movement, Lisa Evans was able to assist in every aspect of my speech. She undoubtedly empowered me to give my best speech yet; to an international audience of 1,000 people. I also found her book ‘Speaking Savvy’ very useful; it proposed some techniques I’d never considered, despite having spoken publicly for a number of years. I would highly recommend Lisa Evans to aspiring and professional speakers, and I look forward to working together again in the future.

Shelley Cable ASA

PwC's Indigenous Consulting | Presenter to the United Nations | Western Australian of the Year Finalist 2018

Having Lisa Evans as a speaker coach when preparing for a TEDx talk was invaluable. Her calm and encouraging manner inspired my confidence and she suggested key aspects of phrasing which gave my message more impact. I benefited greatly from her expertise in speech delivery, which enabled me to put emotion and feeling into my speech and to eliminate distracting mannerisms and habits of speech. Lisa made herself available to me whenever I needed her and was much-needed support in the days leading up to the big event.

Simone Vitali

Head Veterinarian, Perth Zoo

A huge thank you to Lisa Evans for coming to Autism West, to give a workshop on public speaking. It was truly beneficial, as we all stood tall and confident during our talk during the Autism West symposium.

What we liked about the workshop, was its well-rounded syllabus. We explored topics, such as body posture and language, engagement skills and speech structure. We also had time to practice our speech and provide each other with feedback.

As noted by the participants, the skills attained during the workshop has also benefited them in everyday life, giving them confidence when conversing with strangers and peers.

Thank you again, Lisa Evans. Your help has been invaluable.

Sandhya Subarmaniam

Team Leader

I attended the Perth Storytelling workshop run by Lisa Evans. It was an empowering, clarifying experience in preparing for my TEDx UWA talk. Thank you Lisa Evans, for making the process of storytelling accessible, pragmatic and not overwhelming.

Lacey Filipich

CEO/Founder, Money School

I had the privilege of attending one of Lisa Evans Public Speaking Coach – Perth Storytelling training and I was blown away. Lisa Evans creates a safe, warm environment where everyone felt comfortable to share their stories. Her storytelling tools and concepts are so simple and yet so powerful. Not only does she unleash the storyteller within you by giving you tools to see your own stories. She also gives you a very simple structure to follow to help your audience relate to your story. In addition to Lisa’s beautiful energy, I found that the small group of participants worked really well and I was inspired by each and everyone’s story and energy. If you think you may have a story to tell, make sure you attend one of her events. Lisa will free your inner storyteller. My favourite exercise was the “I could tell you a story about ….”. Fun and engaging!

Gry Stene

Chief Product Officer, Moodle

Lisa Evans Perth storytelling workshop has helped me to discover stories within my life experiences I never thought of using before and be able to bring them to life so that they’re much more engaging. It was a very intimate workshop and I was privileged to hear other participants share their amazing stories, as well as engage in some fun group activities.  I highly recommend the storytelling workshop to anyone who wants to be able to make any of their presentations more memorable and engaging.

Kris Kern

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Naturopath, Mind and Body Revival Naturally

I recently attended Lisa Evans’s Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Workshop. The course is well structured with highly engaging group activities. The learning outcome of the course is outstanding: I am now able to offer business storytelling to different groups of stakeholders with unshakeable confidence. Lisa Evans has a very authentic and engaging presentation style. Her teaching method is easily understood with practical techniques. I highly recommend Lisa Evans as a professional speaker and public speaking coach.

Lincoln Pan

Partner, Cinch Accountants

Lisa Evans has helped the TEDx UWA community immensely in 2017. As our TEDx speaker coach Lisa spent many hours going through script changes and teaching our speakers integral and important public speaking and storytelling techniques to effectively give a TEDx talk. She has provided support, insight and motivation to grow our organisation for the future years. Thank you Lisa!

Leanne Jiang

President, TEDx UWA

Lisa Evans has been working with me to help me improve my storytelling skills for business. Through her expertise, she has made the tasks fun, simple, and effective. I have been able to create and tell stories that have engaged and influenced people. This has increased my confidence in storytelling. The techniques Lisa Evans has taught me are so tangible I can now remember a story without notes.

Dr Nicky Howe

CEO, Southcare

Lisa Evans did a phenomenal job coaching TEDx UWA speakers. She worked around busy schedules to transform them into confident and eloquent TEDx speakers. My team and I were particularly impressed by her ability to help them develop a naturally engaging style, and turn some promising ideas into a story that had the entire audience on the edge of their seats. It has been a privilege having Lisa on the TEDx UWA team this year, and we look forward to seeing her work magic on many speakers to come!

Brooke Krajancich

Head of Speaker Resources, TEDx UWA

I first met Lisa Evans five years ago and have continuously been impressed by her absolute professionalism, clarity of focus and passion for storytelling. Lisa magically manages to get on and organise events with ease and confidence. She is remarkably through at organising sold-out storytelling events. Lisa somehow manages all the individual storytellers with complete comfort. Because of that, she has over the last two years developed a strong storytelling tribe throughout WA and also online. Lisa has garnered a reputation as a speaker coach for TEDx events and leadership development. Lisa is passionate about enabling people to share their stories and to step up and develop their public speaking confidence. If you know anyone who wants to be a more compelling speaker I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa Evans of Speaking Savvy as a public speaking coach, keynote speaker, or MC.

Louise Kelly

Professional Development Specialist, Louise Kelly Consulting

Lisa Evans was super helpful in my preparation for my public speaking event at a large national finance conference.

She gave me a clear process to follow in preparing my talk, and was knowledgeable in all subjects inlcuding mental preparation, marketing and logistics. Will surely work together again.

Inbal Steinberg

Founder, Convertworx

Coaching with Lisa Evans provided constructive challenging about how I framed my messages. The power of creating a human centred story to convey effectively a technical message was a big revelation to me. I will now take that insight into my presentations. Apart from coaching about the messages, Lisa also provided helpful tips on public speaking delivery, storytelling and stage presence.

Dr Michael Robertson

Science Director, CSIRO

Lisa Evans, guided us along the process from being a speaker to being a published author. I found working with her rewarding and exciting.

Marlene Ward

Director, Persuasive Communications

As one of the co-authors in the book Stories From The Heart, I found the experience joyful, easy and rewarding. When working with Lisa Evans, nothing was too much trouble. Lisa is always willing to give a helping hand and generously shares her expertise. Lisa radiates high quality in all her pursuits and her books are no exception. Being a featured author in a high-quality book has been a door-opener for me and I highly recommend anyone who wants to get published to be part of this opportunity.

Vida Carlino

Founder, Inspiration Source

I was honoured and excited to be invited to write for the book Stories From The Heart with Lisa Evans. I’d worked with Lisa previously to refine my storytelling skills and she’s made my first live storytelling experience so enjoyable, I trusted her to take care of my story.

Jay Crisp Crow

Founder, Jay Crisp Crow

I recently attended Lisa Evans Perth workshop on Public Speaking and Business Storytelling that included a coaching session with her. Lisa’s authentic style reflects exactly what she teaches. Her powerful mix of creativity and logic are inspiring and her desire to help me in regards to my new business is genuine and reflects her generosity in sharing her expertise. I came away from the workshop realising the value of storytelling and how we all have stories that we are unaware of. By presenting these, we are able to serve and empower others to do the same. My 1:1 public speaking coaching session with Lisa was exciting and enlightening because Lisa is a visionary. I am feeling very fortunate to have the privilege of finding out about Lisa Evans and Speaking Savvy and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.

Sally Hewitt

Founder, Aging Gratefully

Powerful messages can be brought out by storytelling and by having a strong personal brand.  Lisa Evans’ coaching style and sincere interest in helping me achieve my best at TEDxPerth 2017 was invaluable.  I thought that I knew how to talk and present, but with her coaching, I this took it to another level.  I am reasonably passionate about what I talk about, but Lisa helped me take it to another level and not be self-conscious about it.  Lisa helped to make sure that I was telling my story so that the audience was immediately engaged and wanted to hear more, right through to a strong ending.  Thanks so very much, Lisa, for all your help, which will stay with me the rest of my life and makes me regret that I didn’t have this type of coaching much earlier in my life.

Charlie Bass

Chairman and Founder, Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and innovation

Storytelling is a huge part of my life and I thank Lisa Evans of Speaking Savvy for allowing me to tell my story in front of such a loving, open and caring audience. Truly the people she attracts to events are very like-minded people, so you can trust that Lisa will support you to tell your best stories.

So yes, it takes daring and courage to tell stories in front of an audience. It helps to have a good WHY behind you. Why would you want to share in front of a crowd? I used my creativity, curiosity and my desire to grow to propel me forward. And honestly, if you don’t wanna share, that’s cool. Being in the audience can be just as inspiring and to be honest, a whole lot more comfortable. Whatever you do, if you like stories from the heart, get yourself along to Lisa Evans’ Stories From The Heart events.

Katrina Davy

Author and Speech Pathologist