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The success of any  virtual team hinges on their ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.


With the rapid move to new ways of working, online training and virtual meetings, it is an essential time for leaders to have competent and confident communication. Find out about upcoming workshops here.


A recently released LinkIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report mapped the 15 most in-demand skills. Persuasion is #2 on the Soft Skills list. The ability to convince others to support your ideas, buy your solutions , or to take action.


Whether it is a virtual meeting, a face-to-face conversation, informal or formal every time you speak, you have the opportunity to influence and impact others with your message

I have a range of virtual training programs and online coaching and mentoring to offer a blended approach to learning. 


 You can find out more about the programs available here  

Here’s what people are saying…

I thought Lisa did a great job of facilitating the session and introducing the storytellers with grace. The in-between sessions were well suited to the theme and helped break things up. Welcoming me individually on the chat function made me feel very welcome!

John Pawley


In real life as in virtual reality, Lisa makes sure everyone is welcomed, she is engaging and her events are well attended as they are well organised.



Extremely prepared and set the scene at the start with protocol for virtual environment which was important for the guests and story tellers as new for a lot of us.



Lisa is a world leader in Storytelling. Her beautiful kinaesthetic ability of being able to make everyone feel so welcome via technological means is amazing. Her warm, gentle caring voice is just as it is in face to face life. Her knowledge, planning and presenting skills are first class and she has a wonderful team supporting her. I am so looking forward to Lisa’s next events, both online and live over the coming months.



I found your tips on how to use the Zoom platform really helpful and having tech support on hand was also very thoughtful. You kept the schedule on track and the speaker introductions/interactions were great. I especially liked the interactive quiz questions! The effort you’d put into your background, lighting and presentation, as well as the tech aspects, was evident – well done! You were very warm, welcoming and inclusive of all the participants and I look forward to more events!

Kara Postle


I found the show to be engaging and fun! The interactive trivia polls were fun to watch…My International guests thought it was great fun and said that the host (you) had great energy and it ran much smoother than they expected from a zoom-event.

Anastasia Carlson


I thought you hosted fantastically. The show ran smoothly at a good pace and the quiz questions between were a great addition. Being clear on etiquette and how to join in at the start was really helpful. I watched on my tablet and with your guidance was able to scroll through to see everyone and join the chat function.

Kirstey Butcher

United Kingdom