In my role as a speaking and storytelling consultant working with leaders across many industries, I know that the most successful people have high-level public speaking and presentation skills. They are the charismatic individuals who know how to use storytelling as a tool of influence, they are the leaders who continue to develop their communication skills, invest in working with an experienced coach and seek expert feedback in order to further hone their skills.

With the current rapid and unpredictable change we are now experiencing in the world, now more than ever, is it vital that leaders have effective communication skills.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

You don’t aim for ordinary when you take up tennis or golf, you don’t enter a sales presentation with your fingers and toes crossed hoping for the best! Your goal is to excel, to win and to make a difference. But you can’t be the best version of yourself with ordinary presentation skills. If you are ready to step up and level up your speaking and presentation skills, let’s chat about how, as your speaker coach, I can help you.

So, what is ordinary?

Here’s what I mean by ordinary presentation skills. How you define ordinary may be quite different as it’s a subjective and personal thing. I consider an ordinary presenter to do the following:

You may rely heavily on slides to prompt you, perhaps you didn’t get time to run through your presentation to see if it comes in on time, you are unprepared and have not tailored or refreshed your presentation, you frequently use waste words and unnecessary fluff to your message, you appear fidgety or uncomfortable when you are in the spotlight, and you read from notes or recite a memorised presentation.

You will get by with ordinary presentation skills, but will you get ahead?

I encourage you to take the next step and be the best speaker you can be. Having exceptional spoken communication skills will advance your career and help you stand out among the crowd.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s worth the effort.

10 reasons why improving your presentation skills is a must

  1. To cultivate a memorable positive first impression and be top of mind for your prospects.

2. To become known as a person of authority in your field of expertise.

3. To stand out from your competitors (who may be better at presenting).

4. Your desire to leave a legacy and make a positive difference.

5. You feel compelled to teach and touch lives and reach larger numbers.

6. You want to grow your business, seek more funding and inspire others to follow your lead.

7. You are not getting the results you know you deserve, even though you are putting in the effort.

8. You have missed out on an opportunity because your presentation skills have let you down.

9. You want to be able to sell authentically and avoid being icky and inauthentic.

10. You are creating a business (or have stepped up into a senior position) that requires you to be the face of the brand.

The stand-out presenter

The leader who excels at speaking in public aims to master the following:

  • Using executive presence, authenticity and charisma to earn trust, respect and buy-in.
  • Looking and feeling at ease and eager to be presenting.
  • The ability to read cues from the audience and adjust content on the fly if necessary.
  • A practical understanding of vocal techniques and how to develop the full potential of your voice.
  • An ability to present with or without slides (by choice or when technology fails).
  • The effective and strategic use of narrative and storytelling as a tool to inspire.
  • An effortless manner in which Q & A sessions are handled.
  • The role of the MC, panel moderator or panellist.
  • The ability to offer feedback (when sought) from peers to help others excel at speaking.

Resources to get you started

8 Storytelling Basics – if you wish to get started using stories in your presentation this is a good place to begin.

How to Win Hearts and Minds. Tips for Speaking Persuasively

When you fail at public speaking – how to pick yourself up

Your Leadership Voice – learn to use your voice to make an impact

Is working with a coach right for you?

If you are ready to take your skills to the next level and become an extraordinary presenter then let’s chat to see if I am a fit to help you reach your goals.

I am an experienced and certified coach who specialises in spoken word communication, body language and business storytelling for leaders.

My coaching packages are bespoke, I work with a selected few 1:1 clients at any time.

If you’d like a facilitated session for your team, I offer half-day, one-day or two-day workshops on-site anywhere in Australia.

Applications Open

2-Day Speak Like a Leader™ intensive experiential speaking and business storytelling professional development for senior leaders, entrepreneurs and executives.

Only 8 participants on each course. Includes a SoundBite for Leaders™ 1:1 session for a limited time – Contact me to find out more.

About the author

Lisa Evans helps leaders and entrepreneurs to craft compelling business stories and become exceptional speakers. Lisa is a certified speaker coach, TEDx speaker coach, four times author, NLP practitioner, graphic recorder and visual storyteller, and improvisational actor. 

She has coached thousands of leaders across a range of industries, including resources, banking, finance, engineering, retail and sales as well as not-for-profit and community associations. 

If you wish to take advantage of a complimentary session in order to chat about how you can become an exceptional and successful speaker with a stand-out brand, then use this link to book a time to chat.

Here’s how I may help you 

My services include: 

Business Storytelling Coaching – together we can get started to create your suite of stories. A minimum of three sessions is recommended 1:1 in person or virtually via Zoom.

Executive Speaker Coaching – if you have an upcoming guest speaking opportunity, funding pitch, conference talk or you want to be an outstanding speaker, we can work together on your technique. You will see the results after one session.

Storytelling for Leaders Interactive Workshops – This program is currently being delivered remotely.

Keynote/Guest Speaking at your virtual conference or event – I have several topics to choose from ranging from a 30-minute talk up to a 90-minute interactive session.